Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Declassified: 'M' takes her orders from Jesus!

Dame Judi Dench has impressed theatre and cinemagoers for many years with her remarkable acting talent. Her most memorable recent role was the hard-nosed boss of British intelligence in the perennially popular James Bond films.

Dame Judi in character as James Bond boss 'M'.

In the Bond series, Dench is often portrayed battling against the forces of evil and thwarting the plans of twisted criminal masterminds.

What few people know is that Dame Judi has actually devoted much of her own time, off screen, to combating one of the most insidious side-effects of crime, the aftermath of the war on drug addiction. She has been a long-term patron of the Rehabilitation of Addicted Prisoners Trust (RAPt) charity, which helps offenders get into recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, while at the same time serving prison sentences.

"The benefits are obvious," says Dame Judi. "Repeat offenders are often committing crimes just to fund their own dependency. If we can break this cycle we can save the individual and help society."

This appears to be a very Christian viewpoint, which is not surprising when we questioned her a little further about her faith.

"I am a Quaker," she says with some pride. "I think it informs almost everything I do.

"The work RAPt undertakes in prisons and elsewhere is a great example of offering help in the most practical way to those who are caught in the demonic spiral of addiction."

Bond would be most impressed. The team here at Liberti most certainly is!

A report for Liberti magazine by Duncan Williams (c) 2013, Son Christian Media Ltd.

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