Friday, 11 October 2013

David Beckham gets himself SORTED!

Celebrating its 6th year anniversary, Sorted magazine has successfully redefined the lad's mag by leading the way with a positive editorial policy. With Becks on the latest cover, even rival title Loaded now admits the Sorted team have got it right.
A men's magazine with morals, with a Christian church evangelist and established stage magician in the editor's chair; it all seemed a very unlikely recipe for publishing success. Even the magazine industry's own trade bible, Press Gazette, for years ignored reporting Steve Legg's vision. Today, though, this maverick editor has been proved right.

With the demand for sleazy men's mags decreasing and leading retailers insisting on 'modesty bags', it is clear that the Sorted magazine recipe has won favour with readers far and wide.

Competitor, Loaded magazine, has even accepted this changing tide, promising to introduce a shift of focus within their magazine with a greater emphasis on fashion, music, entertainment and sport. Their trademark soft porn imagery is on the way out, the positive male role model is in. Outdated, their title has had a troubled recent history, passing through several owners and briefly going into administration.

So just why has Sorted been such a pioneer in this most competitive of publishing markets? And why has the media press, like Press Gazette, chosen to ignore this growth?

According to Duncan Williams, a member of Media@HTB and also Director at Son Christian Media Limited, who publish Sorted; "Our titles always aim to be very much ahead of the game. I hope and believe they are creating major changes, very much for the better, in the men's lifestyle magazine market, maybe even beyond that, in the way we offer a more positive role model for modern men to identify with."

David Beckham is certainly a positive role model, a family man who has endured ups and downs, both in his professional and personal life, yet remains a modern day hero, even worshipped by many men.

"Yes," agrees Duncan. "Becks is the ideal choice to appear on our anniversary cover. Intelligent sport, entertainment and in-depth interviews, rather than a diet of adolescent soft porn and shallow gloss are what Sorted is all about. We also have Bear Grylls talking about faith and Man United boss David Moyes discussing his strongly held views on Christianity."

Both Steve Legg and Duncan Williams affirm these are all subjects that growing numbers of modern men really want to read and think about.

Says Duncan; "These issues are also confrontational and, to some, even idiotic or incendiary, and I believe this is why we often get ignored by the publishing establishment. Sadly, in this day and age, faith, certainly one's religion, has become a dangerous topic."

But if the tide really is changing, and other men's mags follow the Sorted lead and 'go ethical', couldn't this actually be a threat to Sorted's future success? Is this not an own goal?

"Goodness, no!" insist the Sorted team. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We have absolute faith in our trailblazing brand and other publishers know this only too well. We are playing to win!!"

Happy birthday to SORTED magazine.

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