Thursday, 24 October 2013

Do you sometimes feel at a loss for good leadership?

Search for the leader within

A report by

 Luke Havard

How’s life? For many men, the token reply might be: “I can’t complain”, “Alright”, “OK” or “Not bad”. But how often are these standard answers simply an empty response designed to save from us from acknowledging and sharing the truth?

I don’t know about your experience, but I speak to a lot of different people from all walks of life and there’s a common theme I find with almost everyone when they’re being dangerously honest: life regularly feels like an uphill struggle.

But what if, in the midst of our darkest hour, we could reinterpret our biggest challenges and most painful struggles and use them as the catalyst for our greatest breakthroughs?

Eight years ago I hit rock bottom. In truth, I’d been struggling for years, but this was my lowest ebb. I was unemployed and addicted to drugs and alcohol, going from one relationship to the next and my life was a complete mess. After wasting years of my life in and out of trouble, I had exhausted all my options and I was fed up.

One day I decided I’d had enough. I felt powerless to control my life and was fed up of waiting for someone to rescue me. I stood on the edge of pavement feeling empty and heartbroken, riddled with anger and self-loathing. I decided my life was no longer worth living.
In that moment I decided to jump in front of one of the big tour buses that toured the red light district where I lived. But just as I had decided that I was ready to go through with it, something happened.

Now I don’t know what you believe, but in that moment I had an undeniable encounter with God. From one moment to the next, I felt such a deep need to live; as though a voice inside me was telling me to reconsider. The only way I can describe it is that there was a fight going on for my life; like I was being pulled from one side to another, from death to life.

I’m happy to say that the pull to live was so intense that I immediately stepped away from the curb through shock. An overwhelming sense of hope flooded my body and I knew without fully understanding how that there was more for me. That day I gave my life to Christ and was instantly free from my addictions.

Now, I’m a completely different person. I know that I am 100% forgiven of the mistakes that I made in the past. However, forgiveness was only the beginning of my journey. Over the last eight years I have dedicated my life to studying human psychology and to helping others make the changes that we as individuals have to make for ourselves.

I’ve realised that most people aren’t living the lives they’re designed to live. Regardless of their faith, the majority of people believe they have very little control over their destiny. Most have stopped growing and taking risks and have simply settled for the status quo. 

The reality is, no one ever aimed for mediocrity, but in order to avoid feeling out of control, most people have chosen to play safe and use humility as an excuse. Secretly, many live in regret.

The greatest myth perpetuated by society is that leadership begins and ends in the corporate boardroom. The truth is, real leadership starts in your own living room.
Regardless of what you believe, if you’re feeling unhappy, uninspired and unfulfilled, it’s because you are not the leader of your own destiny.

I’m excited to invite you to attend a two-day event called I’m hosting on January 31 and February 1 called ‘Become the Leader’. At this event you will learn exactly what you need to do in order to transform the way that see and live your life forever. 

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