Monday, 23 February 2015

Christian lads' mag in crisis as editor faces anti gay accusations

SORTED magazine has interviewed many major celebrities over the years. The title is available in WHSmith and newsagents across the UK, retailing alongside of Zoo, Loaded and GQ at £4 per edition.

However, under the seven year editorship of a Christian Evangelist named Stephen Legg, the title has yet to ever interview an openly gay male celebrity, let alone feature one on the cover. Insiders admit that there appears to be something of an anti gay agenda at work.

Sorted was originally founded by publisher Russell Church back in 2004, before going broke, and eventually being relaunched by Legg.

As well as being an Evangelist, Steve Legg is also a stand-up comic and children's comedy magician.

Currently Sorted men's magazine is published by SCM Limited and even one of the company's own Directors agrees that it is time for a review and change of editorial policy.

SCM Director and Shareholder Duncan Williams, says: "Steve Legg is a funny guy and I respect his religious views, but it really is time he took a few more bold risks in regard to his coverage of a complete spectrum of male lifestyle news reporting."

Ultimately, these backward attitudes could affect the brand.

A seven year absence of any gay celebrity interviews at all is extreme, even if the editor holds religious beliefs 'justifying' his actions.

A recent poll conducted by the EAUK admitted that 46 percent of the Evangelical Christian community felt "actively compelled to oppose gay marriage..."

Says editor Steve Legg: "I've got nothing against gays. Some of my best friends are gay. I just feel I would lose most of my loyal readers."

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